What are the rules?

We are determined to make Wapa a safe and fun place for girls who want to meet girls.

Too many people in the past have tried to make fake profiles just to get some kicks so we have some simple but strict rules, if you break them, there's a 90% chance your profile is fake and you shouldn't be here anyway, so we'll delete your profile without warning.

We don't do this to be severe, it's for the benefit of the genuine users!

  • Photos must be non-sexual and they must feature you .. no porn, no photos from the internet, we can spot fakes a mile away!
  • Most genuine girls don't say filthy things on their profile, if you do .. it'll make us look at it twice. We're very good at telling the difference between the things a man pretending to be female would say as opposed to a real female
  • Don't contact other users out of the blue saying filthy things, for the same reason as above
  • Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated! Be nice, or be somewhere else!
  • Genuine trans users will always be welcome on Wapa as long as the above rules are obeyed, transphobic abuse will not be tolerated

Photos - How long?

It takes us on average 2-10 minutes to approve a photo .. we think we are by far the fastest out of all the gay apps! If you've waited more than 6 hours, then it's likely something's gone wrong, so send us an email with your user ID.


We believe we are the only app out there that's making a real effort to cater for women .. please consider upgrading, it hardly costs anything and it'll help us build a better network. The more staff we have, the more genuine users we'll have!